Welcome to the Southern Great Barrier Reefs’ very own piece of paradise

Hey there! How are you?

Right now as I am writing this blogpost it’s a rainy Sunday morning. Usually the weather here is nothing short of perfect! Combine this with the vast amount of awesome things there is to do right here on my doorstep and I can be forgiven for rarely finding the time to sit at home with my laptop. For all that it has to offer though our area and everything that goes on here deserves to be shared as widely as possible to ensure that everybody, whether local or just visiting, can make the most of being here. That is what we hope to achieve with this blog…

Our region is known as the ‘Discovery Coast’. Some may think this is just a few small towns somewhere at the east coast with nice beaches… but there is much much more to it than that…

The Birthplace of Queensland

The Town of 1770 (1770 to the locals) is ‘Birthplace of Queensland’ named after the year in which the famous Captain James Cook and the crew of the Endeavour landed for the first time in this state and the second time in Australia.

How’s the surf?

We have the most northerly surf break at the east coast and one of the few places in Queensland where both the sunrise and sunsets can be seen over water.

Can you get to the Reef?

We have the closest access to the Southern Great Barrier Reef! Not just any reef… but what is widely regarded as the best the Great Barrier Reef has to offer. If you’re looking for the best of the best you need look no further than Lady Musgrave Island and Lady Elliot Island.

What else?

There is no shortage of tours to experience and places to explore! You can go fishing, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and experience the beautiful nature by exploring the national parks, walking trails, and beaches… This place is just perfect for any kind of traveller: families, couples, friends, or backpackers!

Some people would call our home one of Queensland’s best kept secrets, but we are all nice people here so we don’t want to keep that from you! We are excited to share everything we know with you so that you can enjoy the area as much as we do. So keep reading…

See you soon!

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