Harmony definition: If people are living in harmony with each other, they are living together peacefully.

Harmony in Agnes Water and 1770

Tom Campbell, Agnes Water artist started painting the Harmony Wall in 2018. Tom has expressed his perception of Harmony of Agnes Water which captures the beautiful ocean, surfing, sunshine and beach.

If you are interested to help paint the Harmony Wall in 2019, whether individually or as a group contact the 1770 Festival Office on (07) 4974  7570 and let Tom guide you for this very creative event,

Tom’s painting of Harmony in Agnes Water and 1770 will soon be displayed permanently at the Agnes Water and 1770 Visitor Information Centre for all to enjoy.

Your contribution will be influential for Banners and Festival flags for the  Cook 2020 Festival celebrating 250 years since Cook landed in 1770.

 About Tom

Art is a great release and leveler for me.

I became passionate about street art, a passion that remains today. I took my art from the streets and onto the canvas in my late teens and twenties with a number of exhibitions. I quickly became disillusioned with art as a profession as it seemed to be more about a brand name and selling a fictional story, rather then the art created.

All art is subjective and I’d like to think people enjoy any art because they feel inspired, moved, excited, happy, connected etc. to an artwork rather than see it as an investment opportunity or a perceived hype around an artist.



https://www.visitagnes1770.com.au Discovery Coast Tourism and Commerce 2019

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