1770 Festival 2022 - The Underwater World

Sponsored by Dive Spear & Sport @ 1770



The Underwater World will be a relaxed (and wet) environment, with a selection of local operators surrounding a central underwater zone where we will run a series of workshops and activities throughout the weekend brought to you by Dive, Spear & Sport 1770

Workshops in 2022 (exact workshop times coming soon!)

  • Bubbles corner
  • Why scuba dive?
  • DIY session – Fix your own spear gun!
  • Exploring your own backyard – Marine Ecology talk on the Southern Great Barrier Reef
  • Future dive buddies arts and crafts session.
+ a full retail shop for your spear and scuba needs! 

What's On This Festival

Bubbles Corner

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to breathe on a regulator? At bubbles corner, you can do just that. Learn how to breathe on a regulator, put your head into the pool and blow as many bubbles as you want! Experience the sensation of taking your first breaths underwater.

Bubbles Corner will be open all weekend!

Workshop 1: Why Scuba dive and how to start!


This talk will cover the main reasons why we scuba dive and what’s in it for you, how you can get started either if you are looking into a quick experience or a full course, and what’s next when you decide to take a scuba diving course.

Why we Scuba Dive

• Freedom
• Destinations
• Wildlife / environment
• Diving family / community
• Variety every time
• “Lazy” activity
How to get Started Q&A

Starts Saturday 10:30am

Workshop 2: Fix your own speargun!


Have a spear gun that needs a service? Bring it along and let’s get it going for you!

In this workshop we will cover the basic maintenance of your gun (rigging and rubbers), identify when your gun needs maintenance and how to do basic maintenance yourself

You can join the practical session where you’ll have a chance to bring your own gun and do basic maintenance with guidance of our staff.

• Speargun “anatomy”
• When to service my gun
• How to make your own rubbers
• Howtorigagun
• Q&A session

In the practical session, we will make consumables maintenance kits available for purchase. These will come ready with the items they need for a basic service.

Additional materials and maintenance kits will also be available for purchase after the event. Attendance is free, materials cost only.
Disclaimer – this session is directed to basic guns, some types of guns and rigging will not be covered on this session but our staff will do the best to guide you through your gun!

Starts Saturday 1:30pm

Workshop 3: Exploring your own backyard – Marine Ecology talk on the Southern Great Barrier Reef + Kids Craft activity


This talk will give a basic introduction of the Great Barrier Reef and the marine life which can be found on our doorstep. This 30 min talk is designed for all ages and will culminate in a kids craft activity recommended for kids aged 3 to 12.

Great Barrier Reef
– Location
– Formation Marine Life found here
– Coral /Anemones/ Jellys
– Anemone Fish (Nemo)
– Turtles
– Rays and sharks
– Whales
– What we can do to help preserve our own backyard
– Take 3 for the sea
– Stranded animals
– Turtle nesting

Starts Sunday 10:30am

Future Dive Buddies Arts and Crafts

Saturday: Paint your own pufferfish

All day activity!

Sunday: Create your own sea turtle

All day activity!

Free Entry For 2022

Celebrating 30 years since the very first 1770 Festival that was held in May 1992, this year the May 2022 festival is a FREE EVENT!

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What's On This Festival

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