Claiming your listing(s)

You will need to claim your listing(s) in order to be able to update it AND receive notifications of reviews on your listing.

  • Find your listing(s). There may be more than one,
  • Look at the right column of your listing. If it is as per screenshot (? Business Owner?) you need to claim your listing

  • Click on the words ‘Business Owner’? You will be taken to a new page to sign up for an account on the website.
  • Fill out the sign up box  in the next page. Your Password will need to be 7 characters or more. You will need to complete the ‘I am not a robot’ section. It may be ‘annoying’ but that is what ensures we minimise the spam.
  • Then fill out the other box called (see below) ‘Claim Listing’. This is to ensure that we can verify you are the real owner of the business.

  • We will then have to approve this manually. It generally takes one working day but if you are in a hurry please text Fabienne on 0405 063 580

Log in to manage your listing(s)

  • Head to any listing
  • At the bottom of the right sidebar, look for the log in box
  • Log in and under ‘My Listings’ select either listing or event to manage either.
  • Select either Listings or Event. You will be taken to your dashboard.
  • Then under the listing / event you wish to edit, click edit

  • Make your changes and save.

Managing your reviews

  • Guests have the ability to leave you reviews.
  • Once a guest leaves a review on your listing you will receive an email notification
  • To reply follow the below instructions in the screenshot below

  • Once published, your response will look like this: Discovery Coast Tourism and Commerce 2020

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