Welcome to Agnes Water and the Town of 1770, where accessibility meets coastal charm. Nestled along Queensland’s pristine coastline, these twin towns offer an inviting blend of natural beauty and inclusive amenities. Whether you’re strolling along the picturesque beaches or embarking on an adventure in the surrounding wilderness, Agnes Water and the Town of 1770 ensure that everyone can experience the wonders of this coastal paradise. With wheelchair-friendly pathways, accessible accommodations, and a welcoming atmosphere, these towns invite visitors of all abilities to explore and enjoy without limitations. Get ready to discover the beauty of Queensland’s coast in a place where accessibility is a top priority.

Accessible things to do

Beaches, walks and water access

Here are a few details with regards to accessibility that might help you to plan your trip around Agnes Water:

  • The Mobi Mat is available at Agnes Water Main Beach! More information here.
  • There is a beach wheelchair accessible from the Agnes Water Beach Holidays caravan park.
  • The 1770 boardwalk is wheelchair accessible from the Air Sea Rescue Park or the 1770 Campgrounds.
  • The boardwalk at 1770 in Air Sea Rescue Park has pavement markers for the visually impaired to alert them to stairs, etc. and there are ramps for access for wheelchairs.
  •  The Pontoon at 1770 Marina, in front of the Volunteer Marine Rescue, is wheelchair accessible
Gladstone Accessible Holiday Destination Guide

Gladstone Accessible Holiday Destination Guide

The Gladstone Accessible Holiday Destination Guide also includes some information regarding accessible things to do in the Town of 1770 and Agnes Water.

Getting around town

Agnes Water / Town of 1770 Taxi has a wheel chair lift, and is able to take on anyone in a wheelchair. To use this service call: 0417 749 000


Disabled parking is available at many places around Agnes Water and the Town of 1770.  Some notable places include:

Shopping Centres

  • Endeavour Plaza is wheelchair friendly, with a ramp in front of Friendly Grocer, has markers for the visually impaired on walkways and disabled toilets.

Toilets and amenities

The toilet blocks listed below have suitable amenities and are wheelchair accessible

  • Endeavour Park (next to the 1770 Campground entrance)
  • Air Sea Rescue Park (at 1770, opposite the Tree Bar)
  • Tom Jeffery Memorial Park (at the Agnes Water Main Beach)

Accessible News

What’s new regarding accessibility in the Agnes Water and Town of 1770 area? You’ve come to the right place!


Beach Access for all

Agnes Water, has long been a haven for beach lovers, adventurers, and nature enthusiasts. With its picturesque landscapes and pristine beaches, Agnes Water is a place where tranquillity meets adventure. But what makes this destination even more special is its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. The latest addition to this commitment is the brand new Mobi-Mat at Agnes Water Main Beach, made possible by the Heart of Agnes Community Association Inc.

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