Planning your Agnes Water & 1770 Holiday

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Planning your Agnes Water & 1770 Holiday

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A successful unplanned trip to the relaxed twin towns of Agnes Water and 1770 used to be a breeze. There would be an array of tour and accomodation options ready and waiting for you on arrival. But the secret is out … now this remote location with wide open spaces, fresh sea air,  brimming in natural highlights, is a highly sought after holiday destination for a lot of Australians. To help you organise and effortless excursion we’ve put together some helpful hints.

Plan ahead

If you are planning on visiting during a holiday period. Whether you’re thinking this Christmas or next. BOOK AHEAD! This is the best advice we can give you. You can never book to early. The hottest camping ground in town has bookings for the Christmas holiday period 5 years in advance! We have also noticed in the past couple of months that the most popular tours and accommodation are filling up even off-peak season.

Left it too late?

If you’ve left it too late already call the accommodation/tours you’re interested in and ask if they have a waiting list. Cancellations happen for many reasons and most at last minute. So if you’re flexible especially for tours give them a call and leave your number. You can also follow the business social media pages; many will post straight away when vacancies become available.

Whether the weather

Are you too scared to book tours in advance because of the weather? You can always ask the tour operators about their cancellation/refund policy. Many will offer a full refund or reschedule if they have to cancel the tours due to weather. If you need to cancel for other reasons, as long as enough notice is given you may only incur a small administrator fee or receive a credit voucher.

Holiday with Scruffy

Don’t forget about the dog. For some a holiday isn’t a holiday without your fur baby. Being surrounded by national park, many activities will not allow for animals to join. However, there are some great pet friendly accommodations and a selection of local pet sitters so you can still go out and have some fun…. Just make sure to book ahead! Also check out the local beach restrictions before entering with dogs, all of the local beaches are nesting grounds for endangered turtles and birds.

Talk to a local

Sometimes the best advice you can get on an area comes from a local. The Agnes Water Visitor Information Centre is the place. Run by a dedicated team of long-time locals this is a great place to call when planning your visit. They can tell you about the full range of activities, walks, tours, accommodation and anything else you might want to know about the area.

How to get a deal

Who doesn’t love a good deal? So we saved the best tip for last. Get online to your preferred accommodation/tour operator websites and sign up to their online newsletters. Throughout the year many will send out exclusive offers and deals to their newsletter subscribers along with great information and news about the area.


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Table of Contents

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