Pole Art Trail #2

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Pole Art Trail #2

Explore an additional 31 painted power poles around Agnes Water &1770

During the painting of the original 27 power poles, people began asking when stage two was going to start. 

The team had honestly not thought to do more than the original 27.

But the community had a hunger for more painted poles, the poles had been so accepted, new friendships had been forged.

2020 had been a very difficult year for many; covid 19 had affected everyone, and the poles had really helped bring some joy and happiness into a very grey time. 

Pole art had increased self-esteem, improved self-expression, but not just for the artists, they were an avenue to conversations that were safe. Conversations around the shared joy of the poles, helped with some of the depression and anxiety brought on by restrictions.

They had bought a community together.

The team quickly set about getting all the appropriate approvals in place and put the word out that,once again, they are looking for artists to volunteer their time and skill to contribute to a 100% community funded and supported project.

During this time the 2020 pole art project was nominated for a Cultural Arts Award. 

Gladstone Regional Council hosts its annual awards day, to recognise and reward members of the local community. The organisers were honoured and grateful to be acknowledged. 

Poles were selected, fundraising went into full swing, artists sent in their expressions of interest hoping to secure a pole, and residents keen for more poles sent many requests for poles in their streets to be done.

While they thought they had learnt so much in stage one, stage two really tested the mental strength of all.

The presence of La Niña increased the amount of rain artists had to contend with. Artists all coped with this in individually unique ways.

Umbrellas were on standby, plastic bags hastily covered recently painted poles. The often-unexpected deluges took their toll, while some artists were fortunate not to see their work slide down the pole, others stood by helplessly, and if it wasn’t raining, artists were dealing with oppressive humidity, making for hot sticky and dangerous conditions, the resilience of all was tested. 

31 artists and hundreds of community members helped to create 31 epic poles in stage two to add to the power pole art trail.

And while requests for stage three are flooding in, the group are taking a well-deserved break.

A quote many of the artists connected with was,

“When things do not go your way, remember that every challenge — every adversity — contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth.”

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Table of Contents

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