Some of you may know or may have heard that Agnes Water & 1770 sometimes become their very own Island Paradise as the roads to Agnes Water & 1770 sometimes flood.

This doesn’t last long, maybe 24-48h max and generally happens during our low season.

There are 2 ways to get to Agnes Water/1770:

  1. From Bundaberg

  2. From Miriam Vale (the exit on the Bruce Highway).

Both these 2 ways in are prone to flooding and can be flooded at the same time, meaning that there is no way out unless you own a plane or a helicopter (do not fear, if there is a medical emergency they will send the helicopter to take you to a hospital).


What are the areas that are likely to flood

The area on the way to Bundaberg that floods is called the Essendean Bridge.

The area on the way to Miriam Vale that floods is called Alligator Flats.

How to check if more rain is coming


Locals have got the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Radar on speed dial. Check here

How to check if the roads to Agnes Water / 1770 are flooded

  1. You may want to check the Region Watch App or website where you can navigate to the flood webcams for Essendean Bridge (way to Bundaberg) or Alligator Flats (to Miriam Vale). Whilst the flood cams provide a nice, up to date visual, it doesn’t give you any info as to if the water is going up or down and when the road is likely to be open again.

  2. Therefore, it is best to check the water levels here. Look for the ‘stations’ called Alligator Flats (Miriam Vale) and Essendean Bridge (Bundaberg direction). Pay attention to the ‘tendency’ (rising, steady or falling) and the data under ‘crossing’. If there is any level above bridge (instead of below) the road will be closed. The road being closed means that is is most likely got barricades around it so you won’t be able to ‘try’ it if you have a big 4×4.

How long till we can safely get out of here?

Whilst we’d love you to stay longer, we understand that you may just want to head home.

Here’s some local knowledge tidbits:

  • The roads don’t flood from the rain directly but from the rivers rising. So if you don’t see any water on Seventeen Seventy on the BOM Radar above it doesn’t mean that the road will be open! Water could be flooding from other creeks from other catchments.
  • It has been said that Alligator Flats floods about one day prior to Essendean Bridge. So if Alligator Flats if flooded, you pretty much have 24h to get out of here via Bundaberg or you’re stuck in.
  • The tides also influence the water levels (not just the rain).
  • If both crossings are flooded you can generally be here for 24-48h (if it stops raining in the catchment areas). If it keeps on raining it may be longer.
  • How to find out? Call the local police on 4899 4000 or connect to their local Agnes Water Facebook Page on Facebook.

Important contact numbers

  • In case of emergency call 000 (from any phone)
  • Agnes Water Police: 07 4899 4000
  • Agnes Water Visitor Centre: 07 4902 1533
  • Greyhound buses: 1300 473946
  • Qantas (airline) 13 12 23 and local Bundaberg Qantas office 07 4131 3100
  • Virgin Australia (airline) 13 67 89.

If you have anything else you’d like to contribute to this post please email [email protected] and we will update with your precious information.

What to do when you’re stuck in Paradise?

You may be a bit wet and feel stranded but fear not, our community is right behind you to ensure you make wonderful memories while on the island 🙂

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