Hot Spots & Top Shots – #visitagnes1770

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Hot Spots & Top Shots – #visitagnes1770

We hope you are planning your next visit to Agnes Water and the Town of 1770.

To make sure you don’t miss a thing here is our ‘Hot Spots & Top Shots’ picture guide. Containing a countdown of our top 15 local landmarks and experiences that are all 100% Instagram gold.


#15 – The Town of 1770 Foreshore

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Sheltered from the southerly tradewinds and coated with beautifully soft squeaky sand, the Town of 1770 foreshore is the perfect place to relax, swim, kayak, and fish.


#14 – The Milky Way

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With minimal light pollution the skies shine bright during the night, making Agnes Water and 1770 a stargazer’s dream!


#13 – Camping by the Water

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Dreaming of waking up in the morning, stepping out of bed and on to the sand? Say no more, there are 3 beachside camping grounds in town and several more located in the surrounding National Parks. This image is taken from the 1770 Camping Ground.


#12 – Bustard Headland

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The journey to Bustard Bay Headland is only possible by boat or with 1770 LARC! Tours. If you do make the effort to reach this remote location you will not be disappointed! Climb 152 year old steps of the historical lighthouse to be gifted with a 360 degree view of untouched landscapes and endless ocean.


#11 – Captain Cook Monument

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Marking a controversial but captivating historic event, the Captain Cook Monument is a cairn that was erected to commemorate the first landing of the HMB Endeavor in Queensland. It stands on the site where one of Cook’s crew carved the date on a tree near to where they came ashore.


#10 – Close Encounters

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There are many areas around Agnes Water and 1770 where you can observe the local roo and wallaby population. If you jump on a Sunset Tour with 1770 Shuttle & Tours you can get up close and personal at a special sanctuary.


#9 – Private Beaches of the Red Rock Trail

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If you have come from a fast paced world and are looking to slow things down, you might want to head out to the Red Rock Trail. Some days you may not pass a single soul on this coastline walk that weaves its way through many untouched private beaches.


#8 – The Butterfly Walk

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The Butterfly Walk is an incredibly beautiful walk edging along the coastline of 1770 towards the headland. Its amazing year round, but if your timing is right you may just happen to be there for the butterfly migration. During which hundreds of thousands of butterflies can be found littering the skies and hiding in the cool valleys. Find out more about the butterfly migration here.


#7 – Soldier Crabs in 1770

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Endless entertainment can be found during low tide on the sand flats in 1770, as the Blue Soldier crabs march around together in countless numbers. Scare them though and they will spin themselves into the sand and out of sight.


#6 – The Beach Hut

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The wonderful youth of Agnes Water and 1770 spend a lot of their time down at the beach swimming, surfing, and creating. Becoming quite popular is their creation of drift wood huts. Many only last a few days, however this one hiding in a special little cove has successfully managed to stand up to the elements.


#5 – The Art of Surfing

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Nothing says you’ve conquered the East Coast of Australia like a pro surfing shot.  Agnes Water is home to one of the most northern surf beaches. The waves are kind and uncrowded making this the perfect spot to learn to surf and capture yourself doing it.


#4 – Kayaking with Dolphins

IG – @kayak1770

Our local coastline and waterways are home to Australian Humpback Dolphins. You can increase your chances of encountering dolphins by joining a kayak tour with 1770 Liquid Adventures. The team at 1770 Liquid Adventures also help out our local dolphin researcher by recording sightings and behaviours observed on tour.


#3 – Agnes Water Sunrise

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Getting up early to watch a sunrise really pays off and there are endless vantage points to choose from. You never know what colours you’ll get with the early morning lucky dip but, trust us, each one is magical!


#2 – The 1770 Sunset

IG – @stixpixmedia

Nothing quite beats watching the sunset from the Town of 1770. It is one of very few locations along the East Coast where you can watch it setting over the water. Our favourite locations for this shot are at the 1770 Marina (and including the famous 1770 cut out heart) and the 1770 headland lookout.


#1 – The Paper Bark Trail

IG – @tripinavan

There is something very special about the Paper Bark Forest Trail. Within seconds from the carpark you are transported into a world that could have manifested from an enchanted Disney film. From stepping stones and walking planks to maidens hair and shedding trunks. Allow your imagination to be captured!





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