Most of the year we have sunshine filled days. If it’s raining there are lots of activities for you

Watersports- since you are going to be wet any way you could try:


  • Grab a raincoat and go. There are lots of walks around Agnes Water/1770. Take one of our Walking track guides and go and explore  Round Hill Creek walking trail

Go on a tour

Go Shopping

  • Hit the shops at Endeavour Plaza, Agnes Water Shopping Centre and meander through our gift shops, surf shops and boutiques

Look after yourself

Local made liquors

  • Visit the 1770 Distillery (closed Tuesdays) to taste local liqueurs

Take a well-deserved coffee break and try home baked treats at http://1770 getway

Go to the Library to read or play a game

  • Read or game- library open x days and hours   kid friendly with toys, games and puzzles plus second hand books at bargain prices and new books in the newsagent at endeavour shopping centre

Rent a DVD

  • Rent a DVD from the newsagent or borrow one from the Library

The Museum

  • The museum closed on Tuesday Open Monday to Friday and Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm , Closed Tuesday and Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm

Visit Agnes Water Visitor Information Centre

  • For all local information and tours as well as planning the rest of your trip north or south
  • Write a postcard- they have plenty for purchase because let’s be honest who doesn’t want to open their letter box and find mail. Sit down by the beach or wherever you fancy and write away.


Author: Editorial team Discovery Coast Tourism and Commerce 2021

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